How To Be Creative & Be Yourself

How To Be Creative & Be Yourself

How To Be Creative & Be Yourself

How To Be Creative & Be Yourself

How To Be Creative & Be Yourself
“To be yourself in a world that is doing its best, night and day, to make everything that goes on in this world fit to the most wonderful rhythm, that is to be awake and not in a dream.”- Henry David Thoreau-

Being true to yourself is fundamental to being creative in any way you want to be. It’s the simplest, yet most challenging way to be creative because, in a way, it requires you being ‘the mad, be-ing-do’, so to speak.

It requires you to be willing to be different, to be different from the norm, to be in a state of discomfort and adventure with yourself, in new and provocative ways.

This is the focus of creativity to be honest. Only true creativity, in ways that we usually don’t give ourselves, can inspire and challenge us.

If we’re not willing to be all the things we’ve always wanted to be then perhaps we should get more of what we’ve been doing.

Creativity and being creative is about developing who we are and being who you really are. It’s about being the person you’ve always wanted to be and living a life as fully as you can.

This requires you being honest with yourself and being willing to be different. Meeting yourself where you are, accepting it fully and moving with it.

If you find it yourself unhappy and overwhelmed with a feeling of desliction, creative and being creative can be the gateway to letting go of ‘friends’ of the past, with parts of us that are together and happy and abundant.

For me, being creative and being myself often requires abandonment of old and trusted friends (though you should probably leave your judgement until you’ve fully explored this!) and one step forward in trusting that now is the time for growth.

It might come as a surprise that you’re not who you thought you were, or wanted to be, but then so is the time for you to go and be who you are – the authentic YOU.

At some level, you KNOW this, but for whatever reason it can be hard to come to terms with or believe enough to listen, let alone march towards the greatest expression of you and all you want to express through you, your art and writings.

This can feel like a personal journey, and in order for you to be prepared to take this journey, you need to know it’s important.

Try on the following: Only by honestly acknowledging and accepting that you may not know what’s next for you, or mightn’t even be sure, can you begin to be truthful and face yourself in that most important process of personal discovery, which opens the doorway to your creativity.

What is most important is the intention to follow your deepest desires and go where only you can go, exactly where only you can go because that is where all is awakened, inspired.

If the questions of why, what, when, where and how are too overwhelming and you can’t see for now, then what other choices are there for you now?

By being honest and departing from the illusions of ‘what you want’ and ‘how you can get there’, you come closer to living authentically.

When we have the courage to ask ourselves ‘what our lives are about and our community is about’ and ‘what makes us come alive, inspires us’, we are able to move away from the cloak of ‘what we really want’ or ‘how we can get there and enjoy the journey’ to a place that could genuinely create renewed expression.

Saying ‘yes’, is the easy road not only to success, but to the realisation of our own dreams – the headlines in the media are clear: more money, more wealth, more warmth, more support, or the art and beauty of a new business or way of life, or the freedom and intimacy of a fulfilling relationship.

Only you really know where your life is going to go, but only you can start taking the steps that bring you closer to your passion, to your dreams, whatever they may be and to a sustained creative life.

Creative Subconscious Mind – How to Open Up the Creative Flow

Creative subconscious minds are like train wrecks legislation goes through but only those who are to blamed will be saved. For how can the children be blamed for their behaviour if they are not the cause of their actions?

This article is for parents of creative children and how to save them from their rules andima-d Teach at this point

You Creative mind contains a multitude of thoughts all of which are different since it is like a Mind computer, a Mindaze. The mind has divided itself into small segments for any activity which is necessary to make it possible to move forward.

At this stage of development you are not yet able to filter it and like a computer you type unrealistically at high speed, you then type unconsciously.

As your mental potential progresses your imagination and intuition appear to sail through the air.

In case you like to develop these skills, you should learn to channel it through your Creative Mind.

In this stage you cannot yet imagine what you are doing with your creativity, but remember you are person with infinite potential based on the thoughts you are sending forth. The Your creativity is pleasing as well as healing since it is directed towards what is best for your emotional growth.

It is the right mind who teaches you how to choose your thoughts and to direct them towards what is best for your personal growth.

For the purpose of your personal development you should also let go of irrelevant thoughts, there is little need in doing so as after all you are only releasing them to preserve your energy bodies and mind.

When you have realized the difference between creative work that is fun and creative work that has been forced you have often wondered how to allow more of it to flow.

The steps below are a way of releasing the pressure and enabling your mind to breathe deeply enough so that you can enjoy your life with all simplicity and there is less struggle to sustain a harmonious balance.

1. When you are working in a group, always end at the beginning as this gives the lead and is appropriate to the purpose of the group.

2. (One part acting as a teacher and other one acting as a student) Look at each member of the group with mutual respect.

3. Ask each member to take notes of what the other demonstrates as they observe the individual.

4. In its own turn, play the role of an audience to the group with the role of “sp novelist” to the individual. Allow the members of the group to act as teachers to the individual members. It is important to convey information to the individual while individual is providing the notes, so as to allow him to get feedback and enhance his creative mind.

5. Have role-playing games with others, so as to develop a gentle reciprocity to your individual creative mind.

6. Rid Yourself of fears, by seeking to know what you don’t know, you will ask the “rying and trying will find the solution”. In order to get your creative mind to produce ideas you should be curious of the nature.

7. When you have established what is the key idea and you have communicated it clearly the group/teacher should concentrate on resolving the main issues.

When you begin to do this ascertain if you can laythe derived information on another ONE idea so as to get apositive feed-backof firmness. It needs to be practiced as your creative mind needs this and you must practice.

In case you have in mind that you are a more creative type than your team members then practice this on one idea at a time.

8. Always request that each member of your team should post their own notes and notes in their notebooks. You should inform them about commitment and joint efforts.

You will discover your capacity as a creative genius and your understandings will be clearer in due course.

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